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Goblin List
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Durburz - $1000

Damage: 60-200
Health: 140-350

Level 2 - Wargs of Moria
Brings one battalion of Albino Cave Wargs to aid Gundabad for one minute or until they all die

Level 4 - Vampiric Drain
Takes away a portion of all nearby enemy heroes health and adds half of it to heal Durburz.

Level 6 - Bats from the Deep
Summons one Bat Swarm to aid the Goblins for one minute or until they all die

Level 9 - Chaos
Causes nearby enemy units to do 30% less damage and lose all leadership bonuses

Level 10 - Inferno of Udun
Calls forth a large flaming sphere from the sky, dealing out heavy damage to all surrounding units that are hit.

Meluuk - $1000

Damage: 60-180
Health: 130-320

Level 1 - Toggle Spear and Sabre
Spear does more damage but is slower than Sabre

Level 2 - Agility
Adds 100% armour and 100% speed to Meluuk for 20 seconds

Level 4 - Stealth
Causes Meluuk to be hidden from enemy sight when not attacking or using an offensive ability; this passive ability doesn't appear on the Palantir.

Level 6 - Leadership
Provides 100% attack damage to nearby infantry units

Level 8 - Throw Spear
Throws a spear

Level 10 - Decapitate
Melluk uses his sabre to cut off a creatures head, killing it instantly.

Anzar - $1400

Damage: 70-250
Health: 150-360

Level 1 - Smash
Anzar smashes his axe into the ground, causing a large blast

Level 2 - Impale
Anzar hurls his shield for an instant kill on lvl 1-3 creatures, even on trolls and horsemen(not heroes)

Level 6 - Rampage
Anzar goes on a beserk rampage, attacking everything in sight (including ally troops)

Level 9 - War Cry
Neraby ally troops gain 30% speed in movement and attack speed

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Goblin Swordsman - $50

Damage - 10
Health - 20
Build Time- 6 seconds

Basic infantry unit, armed with various swords

Goblin Archer - $150

Damage - 20
Health - 30
Build Time- 8 seconds

Basic archer, armed with various bows

Goblin Shaman - $300

Damage - 5
Health - 30
Build Time- 10 seconds

Special unit that heals nearby allies

Goblin Lurker - $400

Damage - 40
Poison Time- 4 seconds
Health - 150
Build Time- 30 seconds

Elite, high-damage, stealthy archer, armed with bow and poisoned arrows

Hobgoblin - $400

Damage - 70
Health - 200
Build Time- 30 seconds

Elite unit, also known as a Black Uruk, armed with two long rapiers and good vs. other infantry

Scavenger - $100

Damage - 5
Health - 15
Build Time - 6 seconds

Gathers armor from fallen soldiers and bestows it upon other goblins.

Warg Rider - $720

Damage - 40
Health - 300
Build Time - 40 seconds

Orc Laborer - $20

Damage - 5
Health - 10
Build Time- 2 seconds

Peon unit, repairs structures, chops down trees, and constructs Goblin Tunnels

Cave Troll - $600

Damage - 140
Health - 800
Build Time- 50 seconds

Basic beast unit, carries a giant spiked club

Black Troll - $1000

Damage - 220
Health - 1200
Build Time- 80 seconds

Elite beast, capable of switching between chain whip and warhammer at higher rank

Drummer Troll - $1200

Damage - 140
Health - 800
Build Time- 60 seconds

Leadership beast, incapable of obtaining new armament but plays drums with a total lack of rhythmic sense to grant bonuses to nearby troops

Siege Bow - $1000

Damage - 200
Health - 650
Build Time- 55 seconds

Anti-infantry siege weapon, crewed by goblins and excellent against enemy archers and infantry from range

Bat Swarm - Summoned by Durburz

Damage - 5
Health - 5

Flock of scout bats with a very weak attack, vulnerable to archers

Albino Cave Warg - Summoned by Power and Durburz

Damage - 80
Health - 160

A medium cavalry unit, unmounted, with about the same stats as a Werewolf, though worse line of sight and better defense

Watcher in the Water - Summoned by Power

Damage - TBA
Health - TBA

Splash Water
Stuns all nearby enemy units and reduces their line of site by 90%.

Scoops up an enemy infanty unit and drops it into the watchers mouth, killing it instantly

Tentacle Storm
Deals moderate damge and knocks back nearby units.

Putrid Breath
Deals moderate poison damage to all enemys in the target radius.

Balrog - Summoned by Power

Uber unit, fully armed with fiery powers and ultimate destruction

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Goblin Citadel - Center of Base

Defends at melee with burning oil attack
Builds Heroes

Slaughterhouse - $350

Can be built on Settlement plots and base plots
Gathers resources (food)
Reduces cost of beasts

Furnace - $350

Can only be built on base plots
Gathers resources (iron)
Upgrades units

Lumber Mill - $250

Is built on Settlement plots exclusively
Gathers resources (wood)
Builds: Orc Laborers
Reduces cost of buildings

Goblin Warren - $300

[rank 1 building]Goblin Swordsmen, Goblin Archers, Goblin Shamans, Scavengers
[rank 2 building] Goblin Lurkers, Hobgoblins
Upgrades: Poisoned Blades, Flaming Arrows, Goblin Drums, Loot of Moria

Troll Cage - $1200

[rank 1 building] Cave Trolls
[rank 2 building] Drummer Trolls
[rank 3 building] Black Trolls
Upgrades: Torment

Warg Pit - $800

[rank 1 building] Warg Riders

Factory - $1600

Builds: Siege Bow

Sentry Tower - $150

Is built on Sentry Tower base plots exclusively
Defends with arrow attack

Sentry Tower - $150

Is built on Sentry Tower base plots exclusively
Defends with arrow attack smd burning oil.

Drum Platform - $400

Leadership bonus to nearby units

Goblin Hideout - $400

Is built on settlement plots exclusively
Is stealth
Allows Goblin Units to garrison within it to hide from enemies. Also is capable of building Goblin Swordsman.

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Poisoned Blades - $1000

Can be given to Goblin Swordsmen and Hobgoblins

Gives the unit the ability to poison a target, dealing damage over time for 10 seconds

Flaming Arrows - $1200

Can be given to Goblin Archers and Goblin Lurkers

Grants 15 points of fire damage added to normal attack
Makes the upgraded units arrows be on fire

Stealth - $1500

Can be given to Goblin Swordsmen, Goblin Archers, Goblin Shamans, and Hobgoblins

Gives the upgraded units an innate Stealth ability

Climbing - $1500

Can be given to Goblin Swordsmen, Goblin Archers, Goblin Shamans, Goblin Lurkers, and Hobgoblins.

Allows the upgraded units to climb directly up walls

Goblin Drums - $1000

Can be given to Goblin Shamans.
Grants leadership powers consisting of a 60% defense bonus and a 25% attack bonus to all nearby units

Gives the upgraded units their own little sets of drums to play

Torment - $1000

Can be given to Cave Trolls and Black Trolls.
Grants 100 point of damage added to normal attack

Gives the upgraded units visible welts on their backs and shoulders

Loot of Moria - $1500

Can be given to Goblin Swordsmen, Goblin Archers, Goblin Shamans, Goblin Lurkers and Hobgoblins.

Grants 30 points of additional attack strength and a 50% defense increase
Gives the upgraded units mismatched, looted Dwarven weapons and armor

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Purchase Cost: 1
Level: 1
Effect: Causes all enemy units within a small target radius to flee


Purchase Cost: 1
Level: 1
Effect: Stops unit production for all enemy players for a duration of fifteen seconds

Summon Cave Warg Allies

Purchase Cost: 3
Level: 2
Effect: Summons five battalions of Albino Cave Wargs to the targeted area; they will fight for you for eight minutes or until they all die

Foul Smell

Purchase Cost: 4
Level: 2
Effect: Creates a noxious, transparent cloud of smog in the targeted area that slows all enemies within it by 60%, reduces their accuracy by 10%, reduces their attack speed by 20%, and reduces their defense by 10%, though it reduces the speed of allied units as well by 20%; the cloud lasts for forty seconds before disappearing


Purchase Cost: 4
Level: 2
Effect: Destroys all trees in a targeted area and converts them into resource


Purchase Cost: 6
Level: 3
Effect: Darkens the map and ends existing weather conditions, giving allied infantry a 150% attack bonus and a 50% defense bonus for fifteen minutes before weather returns to normal in fifteen minutes (or if it is altered before then)

Watcher in the Water

Purchase Cost: 10
Level: 3
Effect: Creates a small pool (shallow enough to tread upon) containing the Watcher in the Water, who attacks all nearby units with his long tentacles before disappearing after one and a half minutes


Purchase Cost: 14
Level: 4
Effect: Summons a Balrog to the targeted area; it will fight for you for one and a half minutes or until it dies (Balrogs count as uber units)

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