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Dwarven List
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Gimli - $3000

Damage: Same as current Gimli
Health: Same as current Gimli

Level 1 - Axe Throw
A medium ranged attack

Level 2 - Leap Attack
Jumps to a nearby area, crushing enemys that are too close to his landing place

Level 5 - Slayer
Doubles Gimli's attack speed and triples his damage for 30 seconds

Level 6 - Moria's Lesson
Increases Gimli's attack vs. heros by 200% and also increases his defence vs siege, fire and magic by 200%

Level 9 - Dedication
Makes nearby units immune to fear.

Balin - $3000

Damage: 40-120
Health: 1000-2400

Level 1 - Leadership
Provides a 150% armor bonus.

Level 4 - Kings Forge
Gains 1000 resources instantly

Level 5 - Rage of Moria
Increases Balin's and nearby units rate of attack by 100% and their attack by 75% for 30 seconds

Level 7 - Battle Cry
Makes enemy units flee in terror

Level 10 - Defiance
Grants balin a 500% attack bonus and a 90% armor bonus against uber units


Gloin - $2500

Damage: 30-110
Health: 800-2100

Level 2 - Toggle Mode
Toggles between attack and defence mode

Level 4 - Battle Cry
Makes enemy units flee in terror

Level 5 - Killing Zone
Increases Gloins attack speed and damage for one minute while attack mode is active

Level 7 - Craftmaster
Increases the resource gathering reate of nearby resource buildings as a passive ability

Level 10 - Erebors Son
Makes Gloin immune to magic damage while Defense mode is active

Durin VII - $2400

Damage: 30-100
Health: 750-1950

Level 1 - Axe Throw
Medium ranged attack

Level 3 - Leadership
Provides an extra 20% attack and 50 % defense to nearby units

Level 5 - Earth Shatter
Durin strikes the ground knocking back nearby foes

Level 7 - Dwarf Lord Charge
Similar to Theodens Glorius Charge

Level 10 - Balrogs Gambit
100% damage to Balrogs

Oin - $2000

Damage: 20-95
Health: 500-1750

Level 1 - Toggle Weapon
Toggles between crossbow and dual axes

Level 3 - Dwarven Fury
Increases Oin's damage by 100% for forty seconds

Level 4 - Dual Axe Throw
A medium ranged attack that targets two foes

Level 7 - Haste
Increases Oin's rate of attack by 150% for 30 seconds

Ori - $2000

Damage: 20-95
Health: 500-1750

Level 1 - Toggle weapon
Toggle between bow and sword

Level 3 - Pin
Immobilizes an enemy hero for 30 seconds

Level 4 - Venerable Archer
Gives targeted axe throwers experience

Level 6 - Runed Arrow
A powerful ranged attack

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Adventurer - $75

Damage - 10
Health - 30
Build Time- 4 seconds

Solo scout archer

Warrior - $200

Damage - 30
Health - 100
Build Time- 12 seconds

Dwarven basic infantry

Axe Thrower - $350

Damage - 50
Health - 80
Build Time- 10 seconds

Dwarven ranged infantry

Halberdier - $300

Damage - 30
Health - 100
Build Time- 12 seconds

Infantry capable of useing Halberds

Hammerman - $400

Damage - 60
Health - 200
Build Time- 35 seconds

Seige infantry. Armed with a hammer

Khazad Guard- $500

Damage - 80
Health - 240
Build Time- 35 seconds

Elite infantry unit. Armed with a heavy axe

Dragon Slayer - TBA

Damage - TBA
Health - TBA
Build Time- 45 seconds

Miner - $50

Damage - 10
Health - 20
Build Time- 2 seconds

Resource gatherer unit of the dwarves

Repeating Crossbow - $600

Damage - 50
Health - 250
Build Time- 30 seconds

Ranged siege weapon. Weak but fast.

Beorning - Summoned by Power

Bear Form

Human Form

Deadly Slash
Knocks over several foes in front of it with one huge sweep of his claw.
(Only available when the Beorning is in the shape of a Bear)

Skin Changer
Changes the form of the Beorning.

Healing Herbs
Allows a Beorning, while in human form, to mend the wounds of nearby units.

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Mountain Citadel - Center of Base
Does not gain rank
Builds Heroes

Quarry - $300
Is built on Settlement plots and Wall plots exclusively
Gathers resources
Builds: Miners
Reduces cost of structures
Upgrades: Strengthening

Blacksmith - $400
Gathers resources (iron)
Reduces cost of upgrades
Upgrades: Veterans of Moria (Level 2), Dragon Helms (Level 2), Mithril Plating (Level 2)

Well - $200
Does not gain rank
Can be built on Settlement plots
Heals nearby units

Heroic Statue - $150
Does not gain rank
Leadership bonus to nearby units
Reduces cost of heroes

Dwarven Hall - $400
Builds: Adventurer (Level 1), Warriors (Level 1), Axethrowers (Level 2), Hammerman (Level 3), Khazad Guard (Level 3), Dragon Slayers
Upgrades: Dwarf Cloak (Level 2)

Factory - $2000
Builds: Repeating Crossbows (Level 1)
Upgrades: Fire Bolts (Level 2)

Keep - $800
Does not gain rank
Defends with arrow attack

Sentry Tower - $150
Does not gain rank
Is built on Sentry Tower base plots exclusively
Defends with arrow attack

Mountain Wall - Border of Base
Does not gain rank
Builds: Postern Gates, Quarries

Postern Gate - $300
Does not gain rank
Acts as a gate
Is stealth

Ward - $500
Does not gain rank
Built on Settlement plots exclusively
Removes all leadership bonuses from nearby enemy units

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Mithril Plating - $1000
Can be given to Warriors, Axethrowers, Hammermen, and Khazad Guards, and Dragon Slayers
Grants 90% defense increase
Gives the upgraded units a latticing of silver across their burnished armor

Veterans of Moria - $600
Can be given to Warriors, Axethrowers, Hammermen, and Khazad Guards
Ranks a battalion to Level 2
Creates a Banner Carrier unit who holds a banner aloft and can attack with a sword when threatened

Fire Bolts - $800
Can be given to Repeating Crossbows
Grants 300 points of fire damage added to normal attack
Gives the upgraded units flaming bolts to use as weapons

Strengthening - $2000
Grants 75% health increase to Walls and Gates
Turns the upgraded buildings darker in color and places tall metal spike palisades around the outside edge of the upgraded Walls

Dragon Helms- $800
Can be given to Khazad Guard
Grants the Khazad Guard an immunity to fire (fire arrows/fireballs etc)
Also grants the Khazad guard a 50% defense increase against arrows, and a 20% increase in defense overall.

Dwarven Cloak- $300
Can be given to Dwarf Adventurers
Grants Adventurers a cloak that enables them to blend into there environment for a short period of time. While cloaked they are unable to move or attack.

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Hold Fast
Purchase Cost: 1
Level: 1
Effect: Grants a 100% armor increase to allied units within the target area for twenty seconds

Purchase Cost: 1
Level: 1
Effect: Heals all units within the small target radius to full health

Moria Axe
Purchase Cost: 4
Level: 2
Effect: All dwarf heroes armed with an axe have their attack increased by 75% and can hit multiple targets with one swing of his weapon, and causes their axe to glow faintly red

Summon Dale Allies
Purchase Cost: 3
Level: 2
Effect: Summons three battalions of Bowmen to the targeted area; they will fight for you for a minute and forty-five seconds or until they all die

Summon Beorning Allies
Purchase Cost: 6
Level: 2
Effect: Summons six Beornings to the targeted area; they will fight for you for three minutes or until they all die

Dwarven Catapult
Purchase Cost: 11
Level: 3
Effect: A huge Dwarven Catapult fires from off the map, and a huge boulder falls down at terminal velocity straight onto the target radius, shattering and dealing massive siege damage to all affected

Valor of Erebor
Purchase Cost: 8
Level: 3
Effect: All allied units and buildings have their defense increased by 400% for twenty-five seconds

The Seven Clans
Purchase Cost: 14
Level: 4
Effect: Summons six battalions of Dwarves from different clans

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